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Cherokee Humane Society

Cherokee Humane Society Annual Membership

Saving lives since 1975

Dear Cherokee Humane Society Supporter:

    Thank you so much for your support! I want to share some of your/our accomplishments. We want you to be proud and understand how hard your membership works!

  • You helped us save, alter, adopt and vet over 1,700 animals. This is an amazing number of adoptions considering our small group of volunteers who conduct adoptions every Saturday and Sunday.
  • Your love saved 36 puppies from dire circumstances - Over the summer, thirty-six puppies were rescued from deadly conditions. They had horrible worms and developed parvo, usually a death sentence to puppies. Humane Society volunteers spent six days and nights and worked around-the-clock to save them. And, thanks to love, 35 survived, were vaccinated, spayed/neutered and adopted!
  • You lowered shelter turn-ins - Everyday our volunteers receive calls from people wanting to surrender their animals. When possible, they are accepted into our foster program. Then tested for heart worms, treated medically, altered and then adopted to loving homes.
  • You helped the helpless - We rescued a beautiful little Bulldog from a local Shelter. She had egg-sized kidney stones and was unable to pass them. Dr. Howard Ashley, DVM, who serves on our Board, saved her life by surgically removing the stones and then providing much needed dental and medical care.
    • We can’t forget the Shih-tzu, which we found running loose about to get hit. She had Endometritis so badly she was days away from dying. Now both have loving homes.
    • Then there were the two Great Pyrenees (GP) surrendered by a financially challenged family, who could not treat or care for them. After ensuring their health, we worked with GP rescue to place.
  • You rescued many from diseases - There are the hundreds of puppies, multiple dogs and numerous kittens dumped at our store, or we rescued them from shelters and placed in loving foster homes until adopted. All are tested and many treated for diseases like pyorrhea, demodex or sarcoptic mange, scabies, heart worms, malnutrition, parvo, fleas, ticks, giardia, coccidia, plus parasites like hooks, whips, rounds and tape worms.
  • You gave support to amazing volunteers – Six volunteers recently rushed to Gatlinburg’s make-shift shelter. They brought donations and their experienced hands to help many animals survive the fires.

    Our annual membership fees are: $25 for Individuals, $35 for Families, $500 Lifetime. Benefits include:

  • A discount card to use at our Thrift Store, including priority for pick-ups and delivery
  • Free custom-made, metal pet ID tags for your pets
  • Free entry into our Bark Park, located behind the Thrift Store.

I know you have many choices in giving and there are many good causes, but none can beat a lick on the nose or a heart-felt purr in your lap.


Irene Moore

President-Cherokee County Humane Society

Lifetime Membership