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Cherokee Humane Society

Lost Pet Resources

Where you can look 

on Facebook for your missing pet:



North GA Missing Pets

Furry Friends Lost or Found

in Cherokee County

Lost and Found Pets of

East Cobb

Georgia Missing Pets

There are more than listed here but it's a start. Please search facebook for more location specific groups.

What do I do if my animal is missing?

     Remember having a collar on your pet is always a good idea but things can happen when the collar is off or if they get the collar removed. Microchipping is the best way to make sure your pet always has his or her address information on them at all times. Upon an animal coming into an intake facility the staff should scan the animal for a chip. If there is a chip and it is REGISTERED with CURRENT information they will then attempt to contact the owner. This is why it's important to update your pet's chip information regularly especially if your move or change phone numbers. Also its a good idea to have the chip checked at every vet visit to make sure it continues to work properly. 

The best way to find your missing pet is to physically go to each county shelter near you and see for your self. Shelter staff are very busy taking care of multiple animals and may not always be accurate in their information or something may have accidently been typed in the system wrong. You dont want to loose your pet to euthanasia over a clerical error. 

Every county has a county shelter where strays and animal control picked up animals are taken for their "stray hold". If they haven't been reclaimed after that stray hold the shelter then has the choice to either put them up for adoption, if they are crowded and adoption numbers are down they may choose to euthanize to make space. Most county shelters have a form you can fill out to register your missing pet and be notified if one matching that description comes in. Below are their links to the local county shelters. Please click on the counties that are close to you.

The state of Georgia is set up to where a person finding an animal must turn it into the county that their license is registered to. So someone who was going from Cobb County where they live to where they work in Bartow county and find a dog on the side of the road the person must take it to Cobb County Animal Shelter/Control to turn in the animal. If you pet is missing please check all the neighboring county shelters. 

If you post your missing pets photo,last known whereabouts, date missing, and contact information to our Facebook page we will happily repost it to try to help you find your beloved friend. Facebook has some wonderful pages for missing and found pets. Those links will also be posted below.

Please note that strays or found animals are not turned into our facility on Bells Ferry Rd. We are NOT an intake facility!